Dream 11/19/11: Part 1

Scene: The Dunes

Ok, so me and my family are all at the dunes for a vacation hanging out, having fun, all that good stuff. I need to go to the bathroom so i get up and head to this giant pavilion thing where the bathrooms are. i walk inside and it is very tall, very wide open, with hardly anyone there but the person at the front desk and some people in the bathrooms. i go to the bathroom, wash my hands and then try to leave… i can’t get out of the bathroom. there are some pother guys in there and i go up to them and I’m like, “hey, whats up with the door?” and they say thy haven’t been able to get out either. Ive met them all before at some point in my life, and I’m glad they are people i know that I’m stuck with, but its kind of weird that we are stuck in the bathroom.

As we get to talking, we all find out that all of us that are stuck in this bathroom are all gay. we kind of find that odd, but whatever… at one point we start getting sexual, but thats besides the point. while we are all in there, one of my friends who is on the outside of the bathroom comes there and tells us that there are a bunch of people who are going to kill us because they don’t like gay people and thats why they have trapped us all in the bathroom. we all are scared and are asking how we can get out. my friend says she is going to go get my mom to help. at this point we have managed to move the door (which is a pillow?) so that we can get out of the bathroom, but we are still stuck in the small hallway that led out of the main pavilion to the bathrooms.

A little bit later my mom comes in and talks to us and tells us that she will get us out of here. she gets us out of the hallway and we head outside. there are people with torches and pitchforks and stuff head to go into the pavilion and get us in the bathroom. they don’t notice that we have escaped quite yet. my mom takes us to where we have all the quads locked up and tells us to get on if we can ride and the rest ride with her in the jeep. we fire up the quads and the jeep and everyone hears us and starts to run after us as we speed off on our quads. 

We are weaving in and out of trees (i am watching all this from a combination overhead and first person view) and trying to get away from the people chasing us. we eventually get to a place where they cannot find us, off in the trees in this clearing area. we are all waiting there and Mis shows up, we are worried at first, but then she says she is on our side. My Grandma and grandpa show up and say the same thing too. We are all waiting…

In a different section of the woods, the people who are trying to find us have come up with a way to find us using some kind of hoodoo magic/explosion type of thing. they are setting it up and then the smell of the gas that they are using for the explosion wafts over to us. we are all like “oh shit, they’re gonna blow us up!!” so we ride away as fast as we can as there is a huge explosion behind us.